Who we are

Having been mechanics since the mid 70's, Enio and Fiore decided in 1985 to purchase a BP Petrol station in Mitcham that had a mechanical workshop attached to it. They both felt that the combination of the petrol station and the workshop in the same place would be a perfect way to attract customers that were filling up their cars with petrol. They named the business D&N Mechanical Repairs after the initials of their surnames, D'Atri and Nardone.

Enio and I have always ran D&N as a small business so that we can have a large input in how the business runs and how the customers are look after.
- Fiore, Managing Director

They were right, the petrol station and workshop were perfect for both Enio and Fiore. Together they grew their mechanical business by leveraging off the BP petrol station name and reputation. Over the years they employeed apprentice and fully qualified mechanics to work with them in the workshop, whilst managing the day to day work of the petrol station.

Starting out at the BP petrol station was a great decision that we made back in 1985 as it gave us a great step in obtaining new customers and recognition.
- Enio, Managing Director

In 1991 BP decided that they would be shutting down a number of their BP petrol stations around the country, and the Mitcham one was one of them.

Enio and Fiore were left to find a workshop in the area that would not effect their customer base and that was easy to find for new customers. In 1992, after months of searching for the right place, Enio and Fiore found a new home for D&N Mechanical Repairs. Less than 5 minutes drive away from the petrol station they moved to Factory 4/1 Cochrane Street in Mitcham.

In 2004 Danny Hanlon was employeed by Enio and Fiore as a fully qualified mechanic.

Still today D&N have kept their business as a small and family orinientated one. They have many regular customers and new walk ins every week.

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What we do

D&N Mechanical Repairs offer all types of services for your vehicle:
  • General Servicing
  • Electronic Tune Ups
  • Brake and Clutch Service and Repairs
  • Tyres and Alignment
  • Steering and Suspension Repairs
  • Air Conditioning Service and Repairs
  • LPG Servicing
  • Electronic Diagnosis
  • Transmission Service and Repairs
  • Injection Service
  • Auto Electrical Work
  • Manufacturers Hand Book Work

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Enio D'Atri

Managing Director

Enio has been a fully qualified mechanic for over 36 years. Enio and Fiore went into partnership in 1985 to start D&N Mechanical Repairs.
Fiore Nardone

Managing Director

Fiore has been a fully qualified mechanic for over 34 years. Fiore and Enio went into partnership in 1985 to start D&N Mechanical Repairs.
Danny Hanlon

Qualified Mechanic

Danny started as a fully qualified mechanic at D&N Mechanical Repairs in 2004. Since then he has become a perfect team member for the D&N workshop.

What CUSTOMERS are saying

Mehmet Salih, 54 years old

I have had my cars serviced by D&N for 10 years now, and have never had an issue with the workmanship or the service. Enio and Fiore have always looked after my cars and my family's cars whenever we've needed work done. I recommend their services to anyone that is looking for a good mechanic.

Karen Camm, 49 years old
I must say, one of the greatest things about D&N Mechanical Repairs is their pick up / drop off service. Whenever I book my car in with them, I drop it off first thing in the morning and they then take me to Mitcham train station. During the day while I'm at work I organise a time that I will be back at the station, and they are always there on time to pick me up. It's a service that I could not live without when getting my car serviced.
Neal Baille, 25 years old
For years I've looked for a mechanic that I could trust. A friend of mine told me about D&N and how good they were and trustworthy. I though I'd give them a shot and since then I've got my whole family to send their cars to Enio and Fiore.
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